Coaching… may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance ~ Atul Gawande

Coaching for physicians is North America’s leading coaching organization for healthcare organizations and physicians. We provide specialized coaching for individual physicians, their families and healthcare organizations including hospitals, medical groups and insurance companies. 

Our services include coaching  for burnoutanger management and disruptive physiciansmarital & relationship coachingmalpractice supporttime management, conflict resolution, divorce, physician leadership coaching, healthcare team building, career & retirement coaching, executive coachingemotional intelligence & communication skills coaching and personal life coaching for physicians.

It has been said that,”the best way to predict your future is to create it”. This is the philosophy underlying much of the coaching at Coaching for Physicians and is fundamental to our work with doctors. As with most coaching the aims are simple—to build awareness and encourage responsibility.

We are located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe and we provide services throughout NM, the United States and Canada. Your coaching can be done almost anywhere but is most common on the telephone or in the convenience of your office or home (additional charges may apply). Sometimes, when the weather is good, coaching with a walk in a park works well.  We also have a private, quiet office suite in uptown Albuquerque where you can talk with Dr. Hudson one on one. 


Dr. Hudson is available for lectures and workshops for physicians and administrators throughout North America and Europe. He speaks on burnout, anger management, malpractice support and prevention, building medical teams, physician executive leadership, supporting medical marriages or any related topic that might interest your group or organization. Organizations interested in contacting Dr. Hudson for  speaking engagements, workshops and referrals for their members or  employees, can use the form on this page or call 505-280-4284. Please call for an estimate of fees for workshops and full-day rates for groups and organizations. He is licensed and can provide workshops worldwide for Everything Disc and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team geared specifically to the needs of your healthcare organization. Dr. Hudson is an Everything Disc Partner. 

The essential nature of coaching is positive and forward looking. The relationship between the coach and the client is one of equals and, unlike therapy, the coach does not diagnose or treat illness. Coaching for Physicians provides one-on-one coaching services for individual doctors as well as coaching for organizations. You can connect with us using our contact form or by telephone at 505-280-4284.

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If you are a doctor, Coaching for Physicians is here to help you. These programs are designed primarily for physicians who are otherwise well functioning and need to achieve their personal or professional goals. Dr. Hudson has special expertise in the coaching of  healthcare professionals, including physicians, surgeons, dentists, mid-levels, nurses, administrators and other healthcare workers or organizations. His approach is existential, which means that the focus is on understanding his clients in a practical yet philosophical way. Existential coaching draws on the work of existential and phenomenological thinkers and in some ways is related to philosophical consulting.


Patrick Hudson MD, FACS is a  Board Certified Coach and plastic surgeon. Originally from England, Dr. Hudson is based between Santa Fe & Albuquerque and maintains a home in Europe, near Hamburg, Germany. He has worked on both sides of the Atlantic, and both coasts and the mountain west of the United States. His work has involved surgery, medicine, medical ethics, counseling, psychotherapy and IRB/research analysis. He has worked for governments and large companies and been self-employed in private practice. His own journey has taken him through  the joys and sorrows of marriage, divorce, parenting, parental loss and retirement from surgery. 

Are you a good candidate for coaching? Ask yourself these eight simple questions.

Organizations such as  hospitals, medical groups and insurance companies interested in contacting Dr. Hudson for  speaking engagements, workshops and referrals for their members or  employees, can use the form on this page or call 505-280-4284. Please call for an estimate of fees for workshops and full-day rates for groups and organizations.

Dr. Hudson does not practice psychotherapy, counseling or psychiatry and works only as a coach. If you suffer from an emotional or psychiatric problem he can refer you to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.  He is available to help with coaching for burnout, anger management and disruptive physicians, marital & relationship coaching, malpractice support, time management, conflict resolution, divorce, career & retirement coaching, executive coaching, physician leadership coaching, healthcare team building, emotional intelligence & communication skills coaching and personal life coaching for physicians and healthcare organizations.

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Coaching for Physicians
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Specialized  coaching for burnout, work-life balance, relationship & marital coaching, retirement, malpractice support, conflict resolution & anger management for individual physicians, their families & healthcare organizations.
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