Patrick Hudson MD, FACS, MA, MS, MALA, Board Certifed, Fellow NAMA

Hello. I’m Dr. Patrick Hudson and I help doctors and healthcare organizations deal with anger and burnout and improve communications. Many physicians are frustrated because they work long hours with little time off and no longer control how they practice medicine.  They’ve lost their passion and excitement for life.  I train, consult, and coach them in the key strategies to increase their ability to cope and interact in this new environment.  Are you stressed? Would you like to improve your relationships and enjoy life again?  Wherever you are talk physican-to-physician by calling 505-280-4284 or use the contact form on this page to reach me.

Patrick Hudson is a coach, specializing in personal life coaching, marital & relationship coaching, time management, conflict resolution, malpractice support, burnout, emotional intelligence coaching and anger management  for individual physicians and organizations.

Are you a good candidate for coaching? Ask yourself these eight simple questions?

These programs are designed primarily for  physicians  and Dr. Hudson has special expertise in the coaching of  physicians and their families. His approach is existential, which means that the focus is on understanding the human predicament of his clients in a practical and philosophical way. Existential coaching draws on the work of existential and phenomenological thinkers and in some ways is related to philosophical consulting.

During his years working as a therapist and counselor, Dr. Hudson found that few of his clients were “ill” but most needed help identifying their goals and finding a path to them. To that end he has taken additional training to help his work with individuals using a coaching, non-medical approach. For example, he became a trained Gottman Marital Educator so that he could educate couples to resolve their issues themselves. He is a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association and uses psycho-educational tools rather than therapy or medication for helping people with anger issues. Dr.Hudson is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Coaching for :

angermarriage & relationships burnoutprocrastination  • malpracticeperfectionism life transitionconflict • Existential Life Coach

Coaching can be done almost anywhere but is most common on the telephone or in the convenience of your office or home (additional charges may apply). Sometimes, when the weather is good, a walk with coaching in a park works well. Dr. Hudson is available to individuals and organizations for coaching and consultation. Originally from England, Dr. Hudson is now based between Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM, USA and works internationally. He maintains a home in Europe, near Hamburg, Germany.

What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

As a coach, he may refer clients who appear to have significant emotional problems to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.  These practices are different from his coaching work and Dr. Hudson does not work as a counselor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.


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Education & Qualifications

Patrick Hudson MD, MA, MALA, MS, FACS, Fellow NAMA, 
 Physician Coach
Telephone: 505-280-4284
Specializing in personal life coaching, relationship coaching, time management, conflict resolution & anger management for individual  physicians and organizations.
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